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Blessing: Alien Escape - First Demo

Posted on Aug. 23, 2017, 2:22 a.m. - Last edited on Sept. 8, 2017, 2:32 p.m.

Why hello there!
Since this is our first Devblog, I think you guys deserve some background story about us and the game Blessing: Alien Escape. I hope you like it!

The Beginning

About two months ago we  took part in the last Summer UE4Jam, a game jam that Epic Games announces every now and again, to bring together the community of devs that are using Unreal Engine and award the best creations in a small time frame.
The Jam had basically one simple restriction, a peculiar theme: "Blessing in Disguise", for those that don’t know it is an english saying that, as Cambridge’s dictionary says:
“something that seems bad or unlucky at first, but results in something good happening later:

Losing that job was a blessing in disguise really.”

We had to do a game that used that theme somehow.
After some brainstorms we decided to use the theme in two different ways, literally and with the actual meaning. So we thought of a brief story with a character that had to disguise himself, and after finishing the game the player would realize that a blessing in disguise had happened, with said character.
With that in mind we started creating a stealth game, where you play as Blessing, an Alien thrown on Earth, that has to disguise himself as earthly objects in order to survive and that he would, in the future, thrive on Earth.
At the end of the Jam we had a little game, with some prototypes and a basic mechanic, we then managed to create a small trailer:


After releasing the trailer, we realized that the idea was actually good and it was so awesome to work on this game that we kept working on it.

First Presentation

Almost one month into development, refining mechanics, adding assets, animations, etc. We got news that a meeting for game developers was going to happen in our city. This event, the IGDA Recife Meetup Gamerz, had the objective of helping game developers of Recife, by letting them show their games and giving professional feedback, by four game developers.
The event was free for both developers and anyone who wished to participate. We just had to subscribe ourselves and then show up with a presentation and a demo, awesome right!? There was just one little problem, we only had two weeks to prepare everything. The event was set to Saturday, August 12th, and we rushed everything we could, managing to have everything ready to the presentation.

What we had

We did a simple 13min presentation giving some background story to all of us, showing some stuff we made in the past and then we started to talk about Blessing: Alien Escape, explaining how we came with the idea, what we had already done as of mechanics and content, and what we were planning to do.
Have a look at some of what we showed there:

Our core mechanic, the shapeshift ability that the main character have. He can morph into earthly objects that are close to him, mimicking the object to disguise himself from humans using the environment


Our scientists are procedurally generated with multiple options of appearance, being woman and man, old and young, as well as using Hazmat suits.

We have security guards too, totally inspired in MIB.

We also showed some concept arts of what we are planning to have in the game. Like what we have in mind for Blessing, our little alien.



After the presentation we had some time to playtest the game with both the game developers, the other studios that were presenting their games and everyone else that came to the event. A lot of people played our game and gave feedback to us, it was awesome to see people having fun with our game!

The feedback

At the end of the playtesting we had an open chat with everyone at the event, bothe game developers and watchers were giving feedback to every game presented and in short, the meetup was awesome, the feedback was even more amazing and because of it, we decided to release an alpha build on both and Gamejolt, for free, so we could receive even more feedback and keep improving our game.

Soon after that we even got an YouTube review!

What is next

With the alpha build released, we are hoping to have updates at least every other week with weekly devblogs that you can find here in our website!
Keep posted for more!

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