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New Tutorial Map, fixes and new stuff

Posted on Sept. 30, 2017, 12:45 a.m. - Last edited on Sept. 30, 2017, 12:47 a.m.


This week’s devblog is bringing you guys our new tutorial map that we are just finishing up! We actually released a test version of it, you can find it here.

Tutorial map and testing

Since we first tested our game at the IGDA Meetup, we noticed that a tutorial would be needed, as many players were confused with some mechanics and movements. So, as soon as we finished the core mechanics of our game, we started to plan and develop this tutorial. We created a five steps tutorial map, that teaches you how to play our game with some simple challenges. You can download it right now to help us test everything out  here. Bear in mind that we are testing the mechanics and, at the same time, creating the concepts for how the challenges will actually look like, so everything is subject to change.

Tutorial Map

Test 1

Our first and simplest test. Here we simply want the player to understand the controls, hot to properly move Blessing, how to jump, etc. It’s a quite simple obstacle course, designed to let the player understand how the camera affects the movements and how he can go from point A to point B.

Test 2

Our second test is quite simple too. We start by letting the player remember the basics from Test 1 and then we add a new mechanic, our core mechanic of shape shifting or morphing into earth objects. So, the main purpose of this test is to make the player understand how to morph into objects and how to use his ability.

Test 3

In the third test we assume that the player already knows how to move and somewhat understands how to morph. We put the player in a situation that he can now fail and he has to learn how to properly disguise himself as objects to hide from humans (in this case a little scanning robot).

Test 4

The fourth test is where things gets interesting, here the player has to use everything he learned to walk through a corridor filled with objects and scientists that walk down the corridor. The player has to go from point A to point B without being detected.

Test 5

The fifth and final test, here the player has to go through a treadmill with discarded objects. This treadmill then forks into two possible ways, one being safety and the other death.

The early concepts



We are releasing this week two new versions of our alpha build, the “Blessing Alien Escape v0.0.4a” and “Tutorial Test V02a”, with some minor fixes and changes like not being able to morph into a shelf when you are already inside of it. You can download it for free here.

First Alpha Gameplay Trailer

We are excited to say that we are enrolling Blessing: Alien Escape to the GDWC2017 and for that we created a simple gameplay trailer, which you can find in our YouTube channel here


We are currently testing out the new Tutorial and at the same time we are starting to create the first zone (A5), we will have at least four levels with 5 to 30 minutes of gameplay each. Check out the image below to understand how our zones are going to be.

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