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New character, fixes and news!

Posted on Sept. 8, 2017, 11:16 p.m. - Last edited on Sept. 8, 2017, 11:22 p.m.

Hi there!

This week’s Devblog is bringing the results of our AMA, some fixes and changes to our alpha build, with our new release V0.0.3, and some awesome things that we are doing and planning to release in the next few weeks.

Oh, an amazing thing happened these days and we would like to share with you!


As you may know we did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event. We had a total of 92 conversations, counting our answers and it was amazing to interact with everyone. They asked us questions about what is like to work with something you love, our day to day schedule, plans for the future and so much more. In short it was an inspiring experience and maybe sometime in the future we can do another one!

Fixes and Changes

Like I said in our first devblog, we realized that feedback is something that we need to have as much as possible, and we need it every time in order to improve our game. That’s why we released our Alpha Build in both and Game Jolt for free.

Thanks to that we are receiving some amazing feedback like this one, from Luiz Sotero, with detailed information about some bugs and advices. We hope that we can receive even more feedback from you guys!

We changed the game here and there, fixing some things and adding some others for the next Alpha Build V0.0.3. Like these:

  • Fixed a problem where you could be stuck in some language and/or the “give feedback” browser didn’t show the localized form.

  • Increased the activation radius of the NPCs field of view.

New Character

We now have a new character that is being animated and should be ready in these next few weeks, have a look at him:



We are currently working on his movement animations and rewriting a bunch of our code logic to make our character feel alive. Take a sneak peek at what is to come:


Amazing news and thanks

Like we said before, we have an amazing news to share. This week we received an awesome donation through given by Tulio C P B Silva and we would like to publicly THANK YOU Tulio! It’s amazing to know that someone believe in us so much even in this early stage.

Marketing and Presskits

It’s common for Indie Game Studios to struggle with game marketing, as the teams and the budget are usually small, so everyone has to do a lot of things, including marketing. Marketing for Indies is mostly through social media and it is one of those hard things to start, as the studio is starting and not a lot of people knows of it. Because of that we see new tools pop up every day, to help us Indies.

One of these tools is Likemindedd, a website that is “Helping your gamedev projects find better reach by networking with the people who matter” as they say. This website was recommended by one of our developer friends, Danilo Moreira, owner of the Retro Reactor Game Studios and developer of One Strike. We decided to make our own Project Page there and we are releasing it today! You can find it HERE.

Another tool that is pretty common to use is PRESSKIT a simple generator of static pages, that helps developers to better reach everyone who works with press. We didn’t actually use it, but we based our layout and informations on it and did our own, that you can already find in our website.

What about the future?

Not only we are going to have a new character, but also a new tutorial map that is already in development and testing.This new tutorial map consists of five individual tests, to help new players to understand simple movements and mechanics of our game. We are going to release this new tutorial map in our Alpha Build V0.0.4 for everyone to test it and help us improve it.


That’s all for this week guys! Keep posted for more and please share with us any ideas, thoughts, any feedback!


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