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Morph fixes, Dialog Balloons, Field of view, Feedback and more!

Posted on Aug. 28, 2017, 2:37 a.m. - Last edited on Sept. 8, 2017, 2:33 p.m.


How are you all doing? Because we are having an awesome month!



This week we received an invitation to host an AMA(Ask me Anything) event at to share the inspiration behind Blessing Alien Escape and so we did! For the next almost 48 hours you can can ask us anything about us, game development and our game at our AMA event you will have an answer at the end of the timer!


Blessing: Alien Escape Updates

Soon after releasing the first alpha build of Blessing: Alien Escape on and Game Jolt, we released two updates our v0.0.1 and v0.0.2, in the links you will find the devlog with the major changes of the patches, and here below, you can see awesome gifs with some of these changes:


Fixed blend mechanics that weren’t working for all objects.

Now we have a more consistent blend bar, making it easier to blend on rooms. Some objects, like TVs are still not working and will be fixed in a later update.


Animated dialog balloons and Field of view indicators

The Ai now talk using animated dialog balloons, how cool is that?
Another super cool thing we added is an indicator of the human’s field of view when you are close to them!




You can now give us feedback directly from the game through a google form!



Localization to PT-BR

We added two buttons to the start menu, giving you the option of playing our game in English or Portuguese!




What is to come

We are now developing our new tutorial map with some puzzles and a few simple instructions to play Blessing: Alien Escape. Be tuned for more!


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